Balsamic Vinegar

With a combined 77 years experience of cooking food and making sauces, we aim for freshness, quality and taste. To achieve this only the freshest ingredients are used. Use to drizzle over salads, pizzas, jacket potatoes, prawns, all grilled meats and chicken, or use as a plate garnish.

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All in One Spice Seafood and Salads

Filled with the flavours of lemon, orange, tarragon, rock salt, black peppercorns, pink peppercorns, garlic flakes, origanum and coriander, these spices bring out the best in seafood and salads.

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About Us

Welcome to the home of Froggit Foods situated in the beautiful winelands of Cape Town, with our small bespoke factory where everything is hand crafted on the amazing Anura wine farm.

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Local Ingredients

With years of experience cooking food and making sauces in the catering industry here in South Africa and the U.K. we aim for quality and freshness of flavours in all our balsamic reductions with the use of fresh locally grown ingredients, in season, without any chemical additives, flavorings, and colourings.

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we cater to the

Food Lovers

Turn the simplest of meals into something fantastic by using our range of Froggit products. Add that Froggit zing and bring the restaurant into the home.

- The Froggit Team: Richard, Tymen and Lance.

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