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Virgin Olive Oil - 250ml

Virgin Olive Oil - 250ml

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Castillo de Piñar Virgin Olive Oil - 250ML

High Quality >0.3% Acidity

Castillo de Piñar Virgin Olive Oil is light green in color with a fruity aroma emanating from the Arbequina Olive which leaves a deep impression on the palate. A lighter flavored oil, it is a perfect balance of Picual and Arbequina olives to complement your meals without over-powering them. Our Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed using mechanical methods without chemical treatment.

Smooth Flavor & Aroma of Almonds

Castillo de Piñar Virgin Olive Oil has a smooth, nutty flavor, with a fresh & robust taste in the front, followed by a buttery yet savory finish on the palate.

It has a fruity aroma, with overtones of freshly cut grass and a hint of almonds.

High Smoke Point & Reusable

Great for cooking, baking and frying, Castillo de Piñar Virgin Olive OIl has a high smoke point of 410'P and may be used multiple times. Light in flavor, it complements a variety of dishes.

Picual & Arbequina Olives - Complimentary Flavors

We blend our Arbequina and Picual Olives to create a uniquely savory, yet fruity Olive Oil which enhances all baking and frying recipes.

Picual Olive Oil is known for its floral aroma, distinctive flavor, high Oleic Acid Content, and high Stability Rate. Picual olives add a sweet and peppery finish to the taste. Arbequina Olives are smaller, sweeter green olives which add a mild, fruity flavor to the taste.

Our Arbequina-Picual Virgin Olive Oil is delicate-tasting with a fruity aroma perfect for baking, particularly when substituting olive oil for butter, margarine and lor other oils which are high in saturated fats and Polyunsaturated fats.

Unique Violet Glass Bottle

Preserving the Purity - Naturally

Castillo de Piñar is bottled in a unique and exclusive violet glass bottle which preserves the organoleptic qualities of our oil. Castillo de Pinar farmers are dedicated to caring for our trees in order to maintain the natural purity, outstanding taste and health benefits coming from the most highly favored olive varieties in the world.

In the spirit of our farmers quest for perfection, we searched the world to find the perfect bottling system needed to preserve the quality of our products. Many olive oil producers fill dark colored bottles in an effort to reduce harmful light penetration. However, dark bottles simply cannot prevent the most harmful ultra-violet light from impacting their oils. Our exclusive violet glass bottles prevent the entry of ultra-violet light, naturally protecting the oils' properties.

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